Sorry, at this time we cannot accept any more volunteers. 23/8/2023

Donate time

At ITShare we do a variety of things. However if anyone has spare time and has expertise in Linux, particularly Linux Mint, we would be happy to hear from you. Tasks may include use of Terminal to update drivers or to fix other issues.

If you fit this criteria of being a Linux ‘Guru’, email itshare@itshare.org.au to express your interest, or call the project at Bridgewater 10-4 Monday or Tuesday.

How do I volunteer

Download and read the ITShare information pack for volunteers, members, and staff, and look at the resources page for more info.

Volunteer Charter

ITShare aims to provide people with opportunities to:

Be involved in contributing to the well-being and opportunities

of disadvantaged communities and individuals;

Enhance existing skills and knowledge;

Explore work and career options

Build skills, confidence and experience

Participate in building ITShare

Be actively involved in the community.

Although this has never been listed as a way to contribute to ITShare before, I thought it was worth making possible. After all, you may not be able to contribute directly because of distance or other means. If you are interested in linking to ITShares website, perhaps use the logo we use for this site with your link.

Other ways of promoting ITShare could be bookmarking our website on your favourite bookmarking site, using word of mouth, and many other options.

Contact us

Feeling inspired? get in touch! head over to the Contact us page for more details.